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Hello, my name is Daniel Iacoangeli. My wife Tana and I are owner and operators of TDI Home Inspection. From the time I was able to accurately swing a hammer I've been involved with remodeling and building. Starting with my parents home and every home I've owned since, there has been some aspect of home construction and remodeling that I've been involved with. For the past 35 years, from new construction to complete restorations, I've gained years of knowledge and experience. As a graduate from one of the nation's top home inspection curriculum, American Home Inspector Training Institute, I'm prepared to give a thorough and comprehensive home inspection. 

Why get a home inspection.

Peace of mind is one good reason. As a home buyer you want to be confident that the home your buying is structurally sound, safe and it's components and operating systems are functioning properly.

As a seller, a home inspection can prevent unwanted surprises. Allowing you time to address any conditions that may prevent the sale of your home or result in a potentially lower sale price.

Our Services

Home Inspection

A comprehensive and thorough inspection of all aspects of the home. A detailed digital report with photos.  

Radon Testing

 We test your home for radon using professional electronic continuous radon monitors certified by AARST-NRPP.

Walk Through Inspection

This inspection is verbal only, no written report. These are not accepted for Real Estate transactions but prove useful to make homeowners aware of issues that may need to be addressed before selling. 

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